Tour information

1. The House of Hildprandt and Their Story

Rozdrazov Palace 
The guided tour takes place in the Rozdrazov Palace where visitors learn about family history of the current owners of the castle, the Hildprandt family. You get a chance to visit the Baroque Room, Gallery Room, Austrian Room and Rooms dedicated to F. F. D’Este, J. E. Purkyne and Cornelia Hildprandt.

2. Noble Houses at Castle Blatna

Rozmital Palace
This guided tour is focused on the most important noble houses who owned the Blatna manor. Visitors can see the rooms that are related to the Rozmital family – e. g. the Green Chamber, Chapel or Armoury. The tour continues in the recently renovated rooms dedicated to the Hildprandt family. You can visit the Hunting Lounge, Dining Room, Gentlemen’s Smoking Parlour and Empire-style Room.

3. From the Middle Ages through the Present

Rozdrazov Palace, Rozmital Palace, Loggia of the Rejt Palace
The guided tour called “From the Middle Ages through the Present” combines the first and the second guided tour. Visitors have a unique chance to see the interiors of both the Rozdrazov and Rozmital Palace. Within this guided tour you can visit the Chapel, Armoury, Guard’s room, Hunting Lounge, Dining Room, Gentlemen’s Smoking Parlour, Empire-style Room, Baroque Room and Gallery Room. At the same time enjoy the beautiful view of the deer park from the Loggia of the Rejt Palace.

4. Children’s Tour

Rozdrazov Palace and Rozmital Palace
Castle Blatna can also offer guided tours adapted to the little ones. The children’s tour is suitable for children under three. Children can visit the Armoury, Guard’s room, Hunting Lounge, Dining Room and the South Terrace of the Rejt Palace. The tour ends with an exhibition of the torture chamber in the cellar of Rejt Palace.

5. Exterior Tour

Exterior of the castle, castle park
This tour takes our guests around the exterior of the castle and provides an insight into the castle's history and its different architectural styles. Our guests shall also have the chance to explore the surrounding grounds and learn about the park's history as well as the diversity of plants and animals living in it.